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Get Uncomfortable

Get Out of Comfortable

I wanna hold you close, but never hold you back
Just like the banks to the river
And if you ever feel like you are not enough
I’m gonna break all your mirrors
I wanna be there when the darkness closes in
To make the truth a little clearer
I wanna hold you close, but never hold you back
I’ll be the banks for your river

NeedtoBreathe, Banks

Needtobreathe is by far one of my favorite bands. This song is so emblematic of how I believe God works. He does not require you to live a calm narrow life. He is good with you living the rapids. He is cool with waterfalls. He is okay with fast days and slow days. He is not fearful of deep water nor time in the shallows. He loves you so much he just wants to keep you in the banks. We all need boundaries to run with God. So often we think God desires for us to just stay in the shallows and never experience risk. When I read the Bible it seems He calls people to the rapids, the deep water, the waves and storms. Go where where He calls you to join Him. He will keep you in the banks.

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